Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Layla Is THREE!

Thought I'd try to give Layla her time in the limelight as a three year old before Baby Brother arrives tomorrow!

Here's our sweet beauty girl on her THIRD birthday!

And here she is being her sassy self :)

For her birthday, the four of us went to our favorite local breakfast place to have a special breakfast, and then for lunch I took Layla and Landon to their new favorite discovery - the McDonalds on "other side of town" (I say that in quotes bc Manhattan is NOT big), which has an awesome play place. 

We had brownies after dinner and watched part of Frozen. That's a good day in Layla's books!

When we went to the doctor about a month ago, Layla was in the 86th percentile for height, and the 75th percentile for weight. She's so tall! She's wearing all 4t clothes, but even some of those are starting to be a little small...won't be long before she graduates to 5t probably! 

Layla loves to talk. As a second born and a girl, she talks WAY more than Landon did at her age. She puts multiple complex sentences together, and is usually pretty good at communicating what she wants. 

If you couldn't tell by her percentile statistics, girlfriend likes to eat! She's enjoyed eating all the good stuff in America, although it's interesting that she has decided she prefers chicken nuggets at McDonalds over hamburgers. Guess that's what happens when she's spent more of her life in India than America! (actually, she's probably pretty 50/50 now that we've been back for a few months!) She loves green beans, bananas, spaghetti, fruit snacks, crackers (Goldfish, animal crackers, Cheezits, basically anything!). 

Layla loves anything Minnie Mouse, although she also likes Frozen, Sofia, and Doc McStuffins. But Minnie truly has her heart :)  Here she is opening the Minnie Mouse doll we got her for her birthday:

Layla loves to play with PlayDoh, cut paper with scissors, and paint. She also loves to wrestle like a crazy woman with Landon and Dad. She still loves being outside, whether it's playing at the park or in the snow! She's ornery, dramatic, sassy, and yet the sweetest snuggly girl at the same time!

She's slightly oblivious to the fact that she's about to get a baby brother for her birthday, but she's about to figure that one out! Little Love has been such a source of laughter and joy for the past three years! We sure love her a lot! 
Here are a few more pics of our big girl:

Napping on Daddy's lap at the doctor's office

She loves Landon
Giving the toy airplane a check up with her Doc McStuffins doctor kit
Ready to go out in the snow!
And here you can see her grow over the past 3 years!
Ready to leave the hospital!

One year portrait

Monday, February 23, 2015

38 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

Wow...we're almost to the end! Can't even believe our Littlest Man will be here literally any day! 

There we are at 38 Weeks. I surrender, Baby Boy. Time to come out! I don't think I can stretch any bigger!!
Just for fun, here I was at 38 Weeks with Layla...the pic is a little fuzzy for some reason.
I definitely think I'm A) bigger, and B) carrying lower. 

So at my 36 week appointment I was dilated to 2, and last week at my 37 week appointment I was dilated to 3. Not surprising, since I've dilated early with both other pregnancies as well. I was supposed to have an appointment today, but it got rescheduled for Wednesday bc my doctor had to go to the hospital for a delivery. I don't mind though...when I'm the one in the hospital, I want her to leave her appointments and come to me too!!

I'm having LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions, feeling all around very uncomfortable, and ready to not be pregnant anymore! (although I will miss feeling him move around inside!) We are scheduled to induce on Wednesday, March 4th if he doesn't come out willingly before then. I have a few fun things planned the next few days, so I'm rooting for him to either come on Friday or to wait till next Wednesday. My doctor only works on MWF, and I desperately want to have her and not another doctor, so I'm hoping he doesn't choose to come out on a Tuesday, Thursday, or weekend. And Layla's birthday is Monday, so hopefully he doesn't come then! 
At the end of the day, we'll be so excited whenever he does come!

We finally got the pack n play set up yesterday for him to sleep in, I halfway have a hospital bag packed, and I think we have most of the essential things we need now, so we're a little more prepared :)  We're still debating just a little bit on a couple of name options, and haven't even talked about middle name possibilities, so we do need to get on the ball with that, considering it's the most important preparation!!!

We're so excited to meet you Little Man! We'll be seeing you soon!!!

We Love MHK

For a little over a month, we've been back in our home sweet home of Manhattan! We're renting/house sitting for a professor who is out of the country this semester, which has been the perfect arrangement. 

Manhattan is such an incredible town for families, in addition to college students. There are so many fun things to do here with the kids! While we're in town, we've been trying to soak up every last drop of all the things we love about MHK! Here's a picture tour of what we've been up to :)

Exploring the toys in "our" house!

 We've been eating LOTS of donuts at the Manhattan original Varsity Donuts shop

 Checking out the newly renovated Children's Section at the library

 Jumping, bouncing, climbing, and running at open gym at the gymnastics center!

 Even grocery shopping is fun with car carts :)

 Playing outside

 We've gone to story time at the library almost every week. We're loving it!

 Playing at the parks when we had nice weather!

 Nerf wars in the basement...

 Shopping at Target!

 More varsity donuts with friends! Alexa was Landon's best friend before we left for India!

 Playing with all the great toys in the basement toy closet!

 Varsity Donuts again...this time with Grandma!

 Hiking around the hills in our neighborhood! Landon was there but refused to be in the picture.

 One of our most favorite things we've done twice now is Zoo school. The local zoo does a program for preschoolers where there's  theme each week, and they read a story, do a couple of crafts/activities, and then get to see some animals! We're going again this Wednesday and can't wait! We go there with my friend Alissa and her two kids, Hannah and Josh.
 Making clay animals at zoo school. This day we went outside to see the wallabees (sp? They're like mini kangaroos). But it was FREEZING outside so I did not take a picture.
 So proud of his monkey.

 Week 2 of zoo school! Painting with feathers.

 Checking out the ferrets. They also got to touch an opossum. I did not take a picture of that because, gag. I aim for opossums with my car, and let me tell you, they're uglier and creepier up close than from inside the car. 
 Then they got to watch Patrick the Duck eat some crickets! 
 Then they were supposed to follow Patrick around and mimic what he did. Landon loved waddling and quacking following him around.

 Throwing coins into the fountain at the mall. We were there to find a "coming home" outfit for Baby Brother, so we tried to do something fun for them too.

 Building a snowman with Daddy!

Landon has been going to Awanas, which he's actually been terrified of because the song time scares him because it's too loud :)  This last week he got his official vest though and is very proud of his Cubbies "best," as he calls it, so we're hoping he'll be more eager this week. 

Not pictured: Many, many trips to Chick Fil A for wonderful food and a great play area. We're regular customers :)

It's been a blast. We're loving loving loving our time in Manhattan, and I'm glad we have a couple more months left! Trying to take advantage of all the great activities for the kids to do while we're home before we head back to India!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

34 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

So, considering it's been 10 weeks since my last pregnancy update, a lot has changed!
Here we are at 34 weeks:

Y'all. I am seriously HUGE. I'm not just saying that so people will say, "Oh no, you look so great!" No, for real, my baby bump is huge! Baby boy has had a serious growth spurt the past few weeks. She didn't tell me by how much, but at my 34 week doctor appt yesterday, my doctor told me my uterus is measuring big (flashback to Landon's pregnancy!) So we'll get a more accurate idea of how things are progressing at my 36 week appt and see what things are looking like.

My body has definitely not missed the memo that Baby Boy is big - all of a sudden in the past week or two I've started feeling really uncomfortable. Lots of lower back and hip pain, not sleeping well, and having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions (nothing consistent or too intense, but enough to be annoying!) So I am now officially rooting for Brother to come early :)

Despite the fact that surely he's running out of room in there, he's still managing to do some major kick boxing in there. Sometimes it just cracks me up feeling/seeing him move, wondering what in the world he's trying to do. He must know I'm typing about him, because he's firmly pushing a foot up at the moment letting me know he's listening. 

We're trying to start gathering things/getting ready for his appearance. We brought the pack n play home with us from my Mom's this weekend so that he'll officially have somewhere to sleep. In a couple of weeks my sister is coming to visit and is bringing us her bouncy seat, swing, and car seat, so the pieces are falling into place. Biggest item on the to do list (right in front of buying a coming home from the hospital outfit), is to pick a name. Baaaaaaaaah boy names are so hard to choose!

Since we (hopefully) only have a few weeks left before Little Brother arrives, I've been trying to take advantage of being in Manhattan to do lots of fun things with Landon and Layla. We've been to the library story time multiple times, the local donut shop, Chick-Fil-A, song time at one of the coffee shops, open gym at the gymnastics center, and recently playing at the parks since the weather has been nice. They're enjoying all the fun stuff, and so am I! We'll keep living it up till we're a little more homebound for a couple weeks post baby!

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