Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flying back to India!

Well, we made it back to India! We've been back for almost two weeks now, and we're finally starting to get over jetlag (minus the kids still waking up at 5 a.m.). 
Here's a recap of our journey back...update on the first couple of weeks back coming soon!
The weekend before we left, we had some great time with our families in Kansas City.
Layla was watching an old school VHS of The Lion King at Nana's house. Talk about reliving my childhood!

Grandpa's buddy

These cousins born 3 months apart are destined to be good friends!

Telling stories to Aunt Mandy

Snuggles from Aunt April

 Snuggling with Grandma and Nana on Mother's Day

ALL of the cousins from both sides of the family! At least now that Landon has a brother he has another boy :)

Hanging out in the airport
Our families went with us to the airport on Monday, and we got all 9 of our suitcases + one carseat checked. Phew! We tearfully said goodbyes to our families and then went to wait at our gate.

 Waiting in the airport
Thank goodness we had Hannah to travel with us! We would never have made it without her

Snoozing waiting for our plane to arrive so we could board

 On the first plane, a short flight from KC to Chicago
We almost almost ALMOST missed our connecting flight in Chicago to Doha, Qatar. Like, the literally held the plane for us and we were running through the terminal (well, fast walking as well as I could with Mason in the Ergo baby carrier and pulling a suitcase and holding Landon's hand. Oh my what a nightmare). By the grace of God we made it in time to get on the plane for the 12 hour flight from Chicago to Doha. 
Thankfully, the kids slept really well on this flight. Here's Mason in his little bassinet: 

My wonderful husband made SURE when he added Mason's ticket to our flights that they gave me the bassinet seat. I love my husband.
We had a little layover in Doha and then had another 5 hour flight to India. Overall, the flights were super smooth and the kids did great, considering they were cooped up on an airplane for that long. We're so thankful!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mason - 2 Months

For goodness sakes, one of these days life will settle down enough to actually post Mason's month update when he turns that month old. But for now, we'll catch up!

Mason at two months!!

Time is sure flying! 

At his two month check up, Mason was up to 13 lbs., 4 oz. (75th percentile) and shot up to the 92nd percentile for length at 24 inches long! Which explains why he's already in 6 month clothes (sob!). It seems so unfair for my sweet baby to already be in 6 month sized clothes. What in the world. 

Mason's eating and sleeping patterns are pretty much the same as at one month. At night he's sleeping about a 5 hour stretch initially (every so often he'll stretch to 6, but not frequently). Then he eats, sleeps another 3 or so hours, eats, sleeps another 2-3 hours, and is up for the day! Still eating roughly every 3 hours during the day, although he sometimes will stretch to 3 1/2. Mason still sleeps swaddled in his bed at night, and usually naps in his little lamb chair or swing.

Mason is so SMILEY! He just lights up the room with he sweet little toothless grin. I say he reminds me of a cartoon character smile, because he has these adorable lines that form on the sides of his mouth to complete his smile - I just love it! And he's not stingy with the smiles either - as long as he's not tired or hungry, he'll give a big grin to anyone who smiles and talks to him.

You can tell by all the smiles that he's overall just a really good natured baby. He's pretty chill, doesn't get upset about things easily, and is just pretty content with life! He's starting to enjoy laying on his jungle play mat a little bit. His favorite thing is to look at himself in the mirror on the bottom of his swing or on the playmat. Can't blame him for wanting to stare at his own sweet face :)

He's also super super STRONG still! He holds his head up pretty much all the time when you're holding him up on your shoulder, unless he's sleeping. He can stand on your lap and just needs help with balance, and he can push his chest up off the floor during tummy time. 

Layla and Mason currently love each other a lot - she loves to hold him and talk to him, which consists of her squeaking "Hi Mason, Hi Mason, how you doing today?" in the highest pitched squeaky voice you can imagine. Good thing he loves her right back!

Fun things from month 2:
 We went to a Royals baseball game with Kyle's family, and also my sister and her family! It was fun and Mason did really well!
Getting kisses from cousin Katelyn

 We went to our annual staff training conference in Oklahoma. Which meant Mason spent a lot of time napping in his carseat in the stroller during meetings, which maybe wasn't a ton of fun for him...

 We got to spend a week at Grandpa & Grandma's house while Dad was in Texas for a conference and a wedding!

 Speaking of weddings, our India teammates Chase and Laura got married! It was beautiful. Landon and Layla were the ring bearer and flower girl, so thankfully Grandma came along to keep an eye on Mason. :)

 Mason celebrated his first Easter! What a stud.

Happy Two Months, precious boy, even if it is a couple of weeks late!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mason - One Month

Well, considering that Mason will be two months old in a couple of days, I should probably get his one month post up. #thirdchildprobs

Mason at one month was such a sweet boy! He even started smiling a couple of days before his one month birthday, and hasn't stopped since!

He eats roughly every three hours, give or take a half hour or so. At night his sleep patterns at one month are he sleeps for about 5 hours after going to bed, then eats, sleeps 3 hours, eats and sleeps 2-3 more hours. He typically goes to bed around 9/9:30, although some evenings he's really restless and wants to go to bed at 8.

At his doctor appt he was a whopping 12 lbs 4 oz - 92nd percentile! He had kind of a leg up at birth being over 9 lbs though. He was 22 inches long (63rd percentile), and was REALLY unhappy about getting a shot. He cried way longer than Landon or Layla ever did, poor boy.

Mason already took two road trips before one month - one to Wichita to meet my extended family and then to KC for Easter. He is not the best road tripper ever, but we still love him. :)

Our favorite thing to do Mason during month one...snuggle! Especially taking naps together with our sweet, cuddly boy.

Now...pictures! (In reverse order bc I'm doing this update on my phone - bleh).

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