Monday, March 21, 2011

Halfway there

Landon is six months old.

Did you hear that? SIX.months.old. That means we are halfway to one year! By the time I spend the amount of time with him again that I've already spent with him, we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday. (I don't know if anyone else follows that logic, but I think it's crazy).

Well here is our big 6 month old boy!

Isn't he handsome?

To celebrate his six month birthday on Saturday, we gave him cake! Just kidding, but we did give him sweet potatoes!

It was interesting, I think it took him a couple of bites before he realized it wasn't cereal (since that's all he's had before). The first couple bites he ate, but then after he realized it wasn't cereal, it went more like this:


Can we say, DRAMATIC? In fact, he gagged so much he eventually made himself throw up. Sick. Bright orange spit up. So that was the end of session one. But don't worry, by the second time he had it later that day, he was still gagging a little bit but actually swallowed some, and now he l.o.v.e.s. it just as much as cereal time! Tomorrow we're going to introduce squash. Yum!

Landon's doctor appointment on Friday went great; he showed off his happy demeanor to the doctor and even did well getting his shots (only cried a tiny bit but then stopped right away). And he had a growth spurt over the past 2 months, finally height wise and not just weight wise! At his 4 month appt he was in the 75th percentile for weight (he always has been) but at 6 months he weighed in at 18 lbs. 6.8 oz, which is the 67th percentile. Woo hoo! Also at 4 months, he had dropped down to the 65th percentile in height, and this month he skyrocketed to the 83rd percentile at 27 1/2 inches long! We had to raise his jumperoo up to the next notch.

And he is an ACTIVE 6 month old! He's still rolling around all over the place; it's hard to keep him still for very long. In fact, here's a picture from my phone of his "naptime" today. He started off on the pillow and here's how he ended up when I went back to check on his whining a minute later:

He's also still talking away, all the time. He's still super smiley and giggly. A couple of new things from the past week or so:
* He has fully discovered his FEET!!! He's like a little rolly polly (sp?) now, always grabbing at his toes.
* He's like a little monkey! When he sits with us on the couch he's constantly arching and rolling and moving all over the place!
* He's fascinated with faces. When you hold him facing you, he'll reach his little hands up to grab either side of your face (which means mom needs to keep his fingernails better trimmed).

What a precious boy. We sure love you, Landon!

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