Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things


As you can see, Landon is becoming quite the giggler! (btw I apologize for the weird camera angle in that video - I had to prop the camera on the edge of a chair quickly before he stopped being in a giggly mood). Naturally, this is my new most favorite thing that Landon does. How can your heart not just melt when you hear that little laugh?

This got me to thinking back to all of my "favorites" with Landon so far. Here was one of the first favorites:
We loved it when he used to curl up & fall asleep on our chests; it was our *favorite* thing to do with him at the time. Unfortunately he doesn't like to sleep this way anymore (heartbreaking!) The other night he randomly fell asleep on my shoulder/chest when I was burping him after his 7:30 pm feeding, and even though I knew I should keep him awake, I couldn't help but just let him sleep there for 10 minutes because I miss it so much!

Then, there was this:
Hilarious! I don't know if other babies do that in their sleep or if Landon is just that cute, but oh we used to love watching him sleep because he just whimpered so much! Every now & then he'll let out a tiny whimper now, but nothing like this! Another *favorite* thing that I miss!

And then, there was the first time he started to...
SMILE!! I still remember the day I officially decided he was really smiling, not just accidentally smiling. He was laying on his changing table & seemed so happy & smiled, but I didn't quite count it until a few hours later we were in the car & got home and when I opened the back door to get him out he turned to me and big smiled (then that night he smiled at Kyle too!) Talk about lighting up your life! It was by far my most *favorite* thing he had done so far. And now he is so smiley all the time and has just the CUTEST smile in my totally unbiased opinion.

I know my life is going to be endlessly filled with more and more *favorite* things that Landon does & says, and I'm excited for all of them. Just makes me appreciate  my sweet boy so much!!

Oh, p.s. I forgot in his 4 month post to mention that  he weighed in at 16 lbs 14 oz (74% percentile) and was 25 inches long (54% percentile) He's our chunky cutie! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011


He did it! Time to celebrate!

Landon finally started sleeping without having to be swaddled!! At our 4 month Dr. appt this week I asked our doctor about it, and he said that although it isn't really bad or concerning that Landon still had to be swaddled, that it would be beneficial to try to get him out of the habit, so he suggested every 2-3 weeks trying a night unswaddled to see how he would do. So since it's been a couple of weeks since we last tried, on Friday night we decided to take the plunge again & see how it went. 
He did great! He went right to sleep when I put him down, and he woke up once around 3:30. We let him cry for about 8 minutes, then Kyle went & gave him his pacifier & he went right back to sleep. He woke up to eat as usual around 5:15 then went back to sleep!
Last night was even better - he didn't wake up a single time till 5:40! And then he went right back to sleep after eating & slept till 9. Looks like he's finally outgrown the need for swaddling!

So long swaddle blanket...

Hello my new friend, the sleep sack...

This morning at 9:00

Such a big boy :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

A Drugged 4 month old

Landon turned 4 months old on Wednesday (impossible!!). He was not nearly as cooperative for his 4 month photo shoot as his 3 month. First I tried to take pics in the morning, but he was too sleepy...

Spacing out

Trying to escape

Didn't like the floor either

Best smile I could get

So then we went to the doctor after lunch and he had to get shots :( 
We tried pictures again after his Dr. appt, but he was too drugged up on shots & Tylenol...

Spacy smile
So we gave up on 4 month pictures...

Passed out on Tylenol, slumped over in his swing

We tried again on Thursday, but he still was a little groggy...

Pulled out a small smile for Dad
 So, we don't have the huge grins we had at 3 months, but at least we have an immunized baby!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Part of me gets so sad about how big Landon is getting. He'll be 4 months old in just a couple of hours! But one of the SO cute things about him getting bigger is that he's actually starting to play. I've caught him on video a couple of times when he was entertaining himself - he's just hilarious to watch as he plays and makes his pterodactyl noises. You can actually have pterodactyl conversations with him - he'll screech & then if you screech back at him, he smiles & screeches again, and on and on. It's hilarious. 


However he seems to have an eagle eye for the camera - he always seems to notice when I'm trying to video him doing something cute. Oh well - he's still cute even when I'm caught :)
Four month pictures to come soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Smiles

As you can see, Landon is a pretty happy boy! Until he starts getting tired, he's pretty much all smiles while he is awake. Despite the fact that sleep time has been a little disrupted by:
1) No more naps in the sheep chair, his favorite napping spot. Naps are now either in the crib or in the small travel bed unswaddled. I will confess we put him in his swing for the second half of his nap if he wakes up & won't fall back asleep :) Baby steps...
2) Attempting to teach him to sleep unswaddled. The first two nights we got back home we tried letting him sleep without the swaddle blanket. He did better than I expected, but still not great. So we tried reswaddling him again last night & he slept better, but when he wakes up in the morning I think he's frustrated that he can't move his arms. I can't quite decide what to do.

But despite these sleeping impairments, our little boy is happy & smiley as ever!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blankie Love

Landon is already in love with a blankie...

Here's a video of him when we're giving him his blankie

That's not even his best reaction ever, but the one we got on video. When it's time for a nap in his sheep (which he's outgrown now), he sees his blankie coming & starts kicking his legs, and when you drape it over him he kicks & flails his arms & smiles and usually pulls the blankie up to his face with his hands. Insert pacifier & he's ready to fall asleep! It's sooooo cute. He's going to be heartbroken now that he has to start napping in his bed more blankie for naptime.
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