Friday, January 13, 2012

Landon's First Haircut

I've trimmed Landon's bangs once myself, but this morning Landon had his first real hair cut!
I took him to the local beauty school because it was cheaper (I just couldn't swallow paying a lot for not very much hair to cut!) I almost feel guilty for putting the girl through it though - I think it may have been her first time to cut a child's hair, and let's just say Landon did not make for a good first client. Poor beauty school student.
Here we are before!

Getting the cape on! There's our stylist in the background.

Starting to look scared

I promise I'm not choking my child

 His pitiful cries drew the attention of quite the crowd of onlookers, both other students as well as other clients there! Just adding some extra pressure for our student stylist. For about half of the haircut he got distracted watching people and eating Apple Jacks, but for the other half he pretty much just cried. Not screaming crying, just these pitiful little cries with big tears. Poor boy just didn't understand what was going on! Our stylist in training was such a trooper though. She did a great job, and her instructor was able to come over and quickly finish off his hair when he started getting a little too overwhelming for her. We gave her a nice tip :)

All done and looking good!
 Once we got back home, he was doing just fine. No permanent trauma I think. And now he can finally see without hair hanging in his eyes!

What a little stud.

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