Wednesday, February 29, 2012

39 Weeks

Well, I didn't know if I'd get to post a 39 Week update, but we made it! This will for sure be the last one though!

Foods: Pretty much the same. Nothing grossing me out, and no major "cravings"
Best moment this week: Knowing that she'll for sure be born this week! In the meantime, we enjoyed a great last weekend as a family of three and had so much fun with Landon.
Movement:  Still bewildered by the amount of movement she manages in there! But grateful that she's still moving a lot or I'd probably be freaking out wondering if she was ok.
Labor signs: Had my last doctor check up today and was dilated to 4. Been having a LOT of contractions over this past week and they're becoming more painful, but still no full on labor contractions yet (obviously)
What I miss: Sleeping comfortably. I realize that my amount of sleep is NOT going to increase by giving birth, but at least my comfort level laying down will! My hips have started hurting a lot so I have to wake up frequently to change positions and have a hard time getting comfortable.
How I'm feeling: I'm now officially 100% ready for her to come! Just anxious for her arrival and to meet her! At this point I wouldn't even care if she is born today and is a Leap Year baby, I just am ready for her to come out! But it's made bearable knowing that she'll for SURE be here on Friday at the latest.
Milestones: Making it to Week 39! I didn't even make it this far with Landon's pregnancy. But the biggest milestone will come in the next 48 hours! Come on baby girl!!

Here are some pictures of her nursery, in the meantime:

Lots of pink in there!
And one of the things I'm MOST excited about for her nursery I actually can't hang up or show a picture of yet, because it spells out her name. It's a craft I found on Pinterest and replicated. Here's the original pic from Pinterest:
No, her name is not Ellaria. But I stole this idea of doing the embroidery hoops, and did the letters/edges in brown with pink & green dots. It's actually killing me not to show the picture and share her name because it turned out SOOO cute! So, picture that hanging above her crib.  I guess updated nursery pic to come after she arrives! 

**You can find the instructions here if you want to make one!

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Courtney said...

Last belly pic!!! I bet you are feeling so many things right now. Excitment, nervousness, anxiety, how cool!!! I'll be thinking and praying over you tomorrow, can't wai to hear the news =)

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