Friday, February 17, 2012

My Little Valentine Stud

Last night was our annual Valentine's Dessert & Dance! Every year our campus ministry does a special event right around Valentine's Day, and instead of our normal large group meeting we have a special dessert and dance instead. Everyone gets all dressed up, a lot of groups of guys will ask groups of girls to go together, and everyone comes to eat some yummy dessert, and we have a couple share their love story and some principles on how to have a healthy, godly relationship. Then everyone's favorite part, we end the night with a crazy fun dance. This year we had about 450 students attend and it was soooo fun. 

Landon was the studliest guy there (next to his Daddy, of course)

I mean seriously, is he not the cutest thing ever all decked out in his suit?! And he was so good - not once did he try to take off his (clip on) tie or act mad about being dressed up at all! We thought the tennis shoes were a fitting way to complete his outfit, considering he doesn't have any black shoes. He was quite popular with all the students and was more than happy to run around everywhere and show himself off.
Both of my studs
The whole family!
 He enjoyed sharing some cheesecake (I knew he had good taste) and he lasted for about 10 minutes of the couple's talk before he started wanting to make noise, so Kyle was kind enough to take him out in the lobby to run around so I didn't have to chase him (which is getting much, much harder the past couple weeks)
Then Landon was ready to put his dancing shoes on! He actually showed off and danced on the table in the lobby for the first song (to the delight of lots of students) before we took him in to the dance floor.

He had plenty of guys and gals egging him on and dancing with him. Unfortunately he was too distracted by the neon lights on the ceiling to really get his groove on. Here's a video of him dancing! (sorry so dark, but I think you can get the idea)
He really got into it on the next song (Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber...oh dear, no Bieber fever allowed in this house!) but I didn't catch that one on video.
I only stayed there with him for 3 or 4 songs because by this point it was already 10:00 and way past his bedtime, so even though he was having fun dancing he still had his tired zombie eyes.
So sleepy on the drive home!
I'm sure he'll be tearing up the dance floor even more next year. And we'll also have a sweet little girl to dress up in a fancy dress - looking forward to it already!!


Courtney said...

He is such a stud! I absolutely love that little outfit =)
What a fun way to celebrate Valentine's. We used to do that with my high school youth group every year and they are some of my favorite memories

Tatiana said...

He is absolutely adorable! Such a little stud-muffen! Seriously girl, he's got the cutest personality. I love that he's dancing the night away :-)

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