Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Layla's Birth Story & Welcome Home

Landon and Layla are both napping, so thought I'd take advantage of the quiet moment to share Layla's birth story (and of course lots of pictures of my little beauty).

We arrived at the hospital at 7:15 Friday morning to get checked in for the induction. At about 8:00 all the paperwork was signed, we were settled into our delivery room and they started Pitocin in my IV.
Let the process begin! Waiting for Layla
I was already dilated to a 4 before going in. The contractions started coming but weren't very intense yet. At about 8:45 my doctor came in and broke my water. She told me I could get my epidural anytime I wanted to. After that the contractions started picking up in frequency and intensity. By 9:30 the contractions were starting to get really painful, but I wanted to wait till my doctor came back to check my progress before I asked for my epidural (mistake!) A little before 10:00 my doctor came back in to check and said I was dilated to almost 6 and that I needed to go ahead and get my epidural before things progressed too much more. Unfortunately the anesthetist was on call and not actually at the hospital, so it took him about a half hour to get there. During that time my contractions were so intense and coming almost right on top of each other with no break in between. I told Kyle I wished I had asked for the epidural sooner! 
The guy finally got there and started the epidural process, which of course takes about another half hour, so it wasn't until 11:00 that I actually got it, and then it took a few minutes to start kicking in of course. Right after the epidural was done the nurse checked me and I was dilated to between 7 and 8. Glad I got the epidural when I did, because things moved FAST after that. Even though I had the epidural and wasn't feeling my contractions as much, I suddenly had an intense pressure type pain in my lower uterus and asked the nurse about it. She checked me again at 11:10 and I was completely dilated all the way. The nurse went to get my doctor and they got everything set up and by 11:25 I started pushing. Pushed over three contractions and Layla was born at 11:35 a.m.!!
One of the best moments of my life

Holding onto Daddy's finger getting cleaned up

A little bit later my parents and Kyle's parents came up to the hospital with Landon (had to wake him up from his nap!) They came to the delivery room and we introduced Layla Noel for the first time!
Landon was not really all that interested in her :) He mostly just wanted to run around. They all left to go get some lunch so Kyle and I just held and snuggled our little girl. After the epidural wore off I got to move over to our normal room, and then we went to the nursery to watch Layla's first bath.
She wasn't a fan of actually being cleaned off but she sure loved lounging in the hot tub :)
After Landon woke up from his next nap our parents brought him back over to the hospital for another visit.
 Once again, he didn't really care. But it was sure wonderful to see him - even in the midst of welcoming Layla I missed my Punkin'!

A few friends came to visit that evening, and we just snuggled away with our pretty girl. We sent her to the nursery at about 11:30 so we could get a few hours of good sleep - only had to feed her once in the middle of the night!
Next morning my parents came back to visit for a bit before they had to head home (tax season for my dad the accountant!) A little later Kyle's parents brought Landon back over.
 Landon was more entertained climbing in and out of the cupboards than he was by Layla :)

They took Landon home for his nap, and we had a few other friends come by to visit (though not nearly as many as Landon). Then we got packed up to head home around 5:00 since we both had the all clear from the doctors to leave.
Dressed and ready to go home!

I know I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure Layla is the prettiest baby girl to ever leave that hospital :)
We got home and tried to take some family pictures with Landon, but he wasn't super cooperative.
Welcome home Layla!

Closest thing we could get to a sibling picture
Daddy's girl :)

All swaddled up for bedtime!
We headed to bed as a family of four - all three rooms upstairs full for the first time! 
So far Layla has been eating really well and sleeping pretty well too - she's been waking up about every 3 hours at night to eat, sometimes 2 1/2. Much better than the 2 hours Landon woke up the first couple of weeks. It also takes a lot less time to feed her in the night than it did with Landon - probably because I'm not such a Nazi about trying to get her to eat for 15 minutes on each side like I did with Landon. If she's done after 7 or 8 minutes, we just go with it! So I've actually slept a little more at night than I did the first week with Landon. We'll see if that continues!
We're so in love with our little beauty. 
My little Layla love

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Tatiana said...

Three contractions and she was out? You rockstar you!
She is seriously so beautiful! I'm so glad everything went well for you :-)

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