Friday, March 16, 2012

Life With Layla

Yes, the title of this post reminds me that I indeed need to change my header/title of my blog. It will happen eventually.
Prepare yourself for picture overload. Ready, go.

My Little Love is 2 weeks old today! Here's a little of what life has looked like the past couple of weeks.
We've had many more "first times"
Her first bath at home. She definitely wasn't crazy about it, but didn't hate it completely. Her favorite thing at bath time is when we just drape the warm, wet washcloth over her belly and let her just relax. Stole that trick from the nurse at the hospital!

Then last week on Thursday she had her first doctor check up. She weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and the doctor said she was looking great!

This week my mom was in town for a few days to help out so we took Layla for her first walk. Landon was way more excited about it than she was. She just slept :)

And last night Layla went to her first StuMo large group meeting! She got to see lots of students...well, "see" through her closed eyelids.

Landon is slowly getting used to his little sister. We're alternating between calling her "Sissy" and "Layla" to him to see what he picks up on saying first. Our best bet to get them close together is to let Landon watch a movie.

Or I just stand guard over Layla and let them both play on the floor at the same time.
Watching Big Brother play!
She's had lots of visitors to come meet her for the first time, including her Uncle Travis, Aunt Mandy & Cousin Alycen last Saturday!
 Alycen got to practice for when her little sister comes in June

Sisters with our daughters!
Layla has been an incredible baby so far. She's eating well, although she's SO hard to keep awake, so she typically only eats for 10 minutes total at each feeding. But she's still sleeping well, so I figure she must be getting enough food! The past few nights she's done really well sleeping, going 3 1/2 to 4 hours between feedings sometimes, although she averages more like 3 hours. She never cries; she barely even cries when she's hungry, just whines enough to let me know she's ready. And she's learning to be a heavy sleeper through all of her brother's yelling and screaming (not upset screaming, just playing screaming. Well, sometimes upset screaming). She likes her pacifier but doesn't LOVE it like Landon did. When she can get them into her mouth she also likes sucking on her fingers/thumb.

As for me, I'm a little obsessed with my beautiful little girl. 

I'm obsessed with snuggling her, kissing her, dressing her up in cute outfits, staring at her pretty blue eyes, finding matching hairbows for her outfits, showing her off to people, and snuggling her some more! I'm pretty obsessed with how PRETTY she is!

Also obsessed with those sweet little toes!

You'll never convince me that she's not beautiful!

So far, Life With Layla has been pretty special. We're loving every minute!

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Tatiana said...

She is such a doll. So beautiful. And you are a great momma Tracy! By the way, you look amazing!

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