Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Landon FINALLY cooperated and let me take some pictures of him and Layla together. I discovered that by laying him down next to her rather than trying to prop her up against him, he was much more willing to sit still.

Looking up at her big brother!

Both sticking their tongues out. Perfect.

My two sweet kiddos
Landon has started showing a lot more interest in Layla the past few days. He crouches down to look at her a lot and has wanted to touch her more (which is sweet but dangerous) Tonight he even kissed the back of her head twice! Such a sweet older brother :)

I also made some collage pics of some of their early pictures side by side to compare if they look alike. What do you think?

Although they don't look like twins, I think you can definitely tell they're siblings!!

In response to my last post, Layla decided to reverse her sleeping habits again; she's done really well the past three nights, usually going 4 hours between feedings. Last night she ate at 9:30 and went to bed and didn't wake up till 2:55 for her next feeding!!! Incredible!!! Maybe I shouldn't post this in case she decides to reverse trends again...


Courtney said...

They look SO much alike as babies!! They are the male, female version of each other.

Tatiana said...

Oh my goodness, they look like twins!!! It's crazy. In that first one, I didn't even realize it was Landon. They look the same! Such cuties!

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