Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter everyone! (four days late)
This past week has felt really busy for some reason. Very few of the things I was hoping to get done (outside of the essential feeding and playing with my children, daily dishes and laundry) actually got done. I blame this on the fact that over the past week both Landon and Layla have been unable to decide what schedule they want to be on in life, so all of the times I had allotted to be productive were instead spent feeding or attending to one of my children who wasn't sleeping at the time they were supposed to be sleeping. But it's ok, because we have had tons of fun family time this past week.
Which is also why I haven't updated in a week, and also why when I started pulling in pictures for this post, I realized I had way too many pictures and too much variety of subjects for just one post, so we're going to stick with just Easter weekend for this one and I'll just have to post again hopefully tomorrow.
We had a wonderful Easter! Kyle had some reading he had to do for his grad class for part of the weekend but other than that it was just family time at home. We went for long walks, played outside, snuggled watching a movie, and just enjoyed being together with our sweet babies. 
Taking time to stop & smell the flowers Friday afternoon

Kicking off Easter weekend with Daddy Friday night!

As you can see, Landon is starting to REALLY love his sister. I have all sorts of related pictures to share in another post.
Saturday morning Kyle left to go do some reading, so while Landon was taking his morning nap Layla helped me stuff our newsletters.
What a good helper! 
Then we had to take pictures of her cute day before Easter outfit
Easter Chick =)

 Then it was her turn to take a nap!
Kyle came home for lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside till Landon's afternoon nap (which he has recently begun to boycott the past few days).
Easter morning we went to church and heard a great message from our pastor focused on Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb. I love our church and our pastor. And I love having a whole weekend to reflect and remember on the eternal life that God has offered us through Jesus' death and resurrection - and thinking about how I can more closely follow Him in response to His gift to me. Now that I have children, I really can't imagine sacrificing one of them for people who are my enemies. God's mercy is certainly unfathomable.
Easter Morning
Landon was off to a nap after we got home from church, so after lunch we went outside to "hunt" Easter eggs. I had bought some plastic eggs and some candy I thought Landon could eat to put in our yard, but when we woke up Sunday morning we discovered that some friends had "Easter egged" our yard and scattered a whole bunch of eggs filled with candy all over. So I added a few of our own and we took Landon & Layla outside.

Landon had so much fun walking around picking up eggs. He did NOT, however, want to put the eggs in the bucket. Maybe he thought we weren't going to give them back?
We had to practically force coach him to put each individual egg into the bucket, otherwise he just wanted to carry the same two around or set one down in order to pick up a new one. He was pretty excited once he found out there was candy inside though.
 Actually, this bucket of Easter eggs has turned out to be the best toy. All week long Landon has been entertained for hours by opening up the eggs and having me reclose them and then open them again. One day I put some of his cereal in the eggs in the morning and now when he's eating his cereal he puts pieces in the eggs and then takes them back out to eat them. Adorable.
His new play spot. We've left the box of diapers and wipes there next to the couch because he likes to climb up onto the couch, or sometimes he just perches there on top of the boxes. He's fallen off and face planted on the floor several times but doesn't even care, so we keep letting him play there :)
And of course, what Easter post would be complete without pictures of Layla in her sweet Easter outfit

Easter is a tiring holiday
I took advantage of Landon's morning nap to do something I hadn't done in several days - just snuggle with my girl while she slept for an hour.

Unfortunately, we never had anyone take a family picture of all four of us on Easter (argh!) but nevertheless, we loved our first Easter as a family of four!

**Sidenote: in an important update, we had Layla's "one month" checkup yesterday. Her percentiles are probably slightly inflated since she was actually 5 1/2 weeks old at her check up, but here are her measurements. 10 lbs. 13 oz (83rd percentile). 23 inches long (93rd percentile) and 38 cm head (70th percentile) Apparently I grow big babies. Interesting to compare to Landon's one month measurements though - 11 lbs (73rd percentile - boy and girl percentiles are different). 22 inches long (65th percentile) and 38.5 cm head (50th percentile). So Landon was definitely chunkier at one month, esp. considering his measurements were a week ahead of when Layla's were.**


Alissa said...

1. I love Layla's Easter dress. You can borrow Hannah's dress whenever Layla is big enough. :)
2. Coach me how to grow big babies. I pretty sure Hannah's 1 month percentages were 2% (weight), 8% height, and 50% head. Smart baby??
3. Tell Landon to stop being so cute. And growing up. :)

Courtney said...

Precious! That was so sweet to have someone easter egg your yard! I love that idea for families of little ones. And Landon is too cute with those eggs, what a great cheap toy for him to play with

Tatiana said...

That easter egg idea is pretty sweet! It looks like he had so much fun! Such cute kiddos you've got girl :-)
Giada went crazy with all the eggs, too

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