Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Perks of Our Job

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE our job?
Well, Kyle is technically the only one who is employed, and now I'm more a stay at home mom than anything, but I still consider it my job =)
I love working with college students helping them grow spiritually. I love getting to share about Jesus with students and help them grow in their relationship with Him. It is so fulfilling and so FUN.
And there are also a lot of perks to working with hundreds of college students.
One of the benefits is our staff team. This year we have 13 staff total including 7 single staff & 3 married couples. Few people can say that they truly love their coworkers, but we can say that and more. They really are a part of our family and all of them just love on Landon & Layla as well.
There's Landon with Heath, one of our single staff guys. He came over for dinner Friday night because he and Kyle were working on coordinating jobs for our Kaleo summer program. Landon became his best friend because Heath fed him lots of tortilla chips =)
I especially love that there are 2 other moms on staff - Jen has two girls and Alissa has one. (Poor Landon, the only boy). Last week Alissa brought Hannah (7 months) over for a play date (mostly for Alissa & I to hang out and talk, ha ha) and Landon had a great time with her.

This coming Wednesday I'm taking Landon over to Jen's house to play with Ellie and Alexa, which he will LOVE because they have a fenced in backyard for him to run around to his heart's content in. It's so nice having my closest friends also be my coworkers, because we understand each others' lives!
Another great thing about our job...having our kids grow up around college students! I just love taking them to campus to hang out with students. They get to do so many fun things!
 That's Layla's first visit to the Zeta sorority. These three girls were in a Bible study I helped lead in the house last semester. Layla was quite the main attraction with all the girls though. How many newborn girls get to say they're already being recruited to a sorority? =)
And there's Landon trying out a student's longboard before StuMo one night. (for the record, Kyle and I agree that Landon will NOT be getting into skateboarding someday).
Rebecca went with us to the zoo this past Friday (another post on that trip coming sometime!) It's so fun to get to live life with college students and invite them to experience life with our family.

Another perk is definitely having so many incredible babysitters on hand =)

Yesterday Sara & Maggie came over to watch Landon & Layla so that Kyle and I could go see The Hunger Games movie because I was dying to see it. It's so nice to have so many girls (and guys!) who love spending time with our kiddos, which frees Kyle and me up to still get good alone time together. It's a huge blessing that I am so appreciative of because I know a lot of my mom friends out there don't get a lot of time alone with their husbands! I'm so grateful for the variety of girls who are willing to give up a couple of hours on Wednesday nights, our weekly date night. (For the record, we don't have babysitters EVERY week; sometimes we just all hang out as a family)
All in all, we love our job, and not just for all the perks. They certainly don't hurt though =)

And we also love our ridiculously cute children.

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Courtney said...

Dang, I'm jealous of your jobs after reading that! You guys have definitely been blessed with a great environment and people to help raise your little ones. How fun!

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