Thursday, April 26, 2012


We're going to have a lot of them coming up!
Tomorrow morning we leave to head down to good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma for our annual April Staff Training conference. We'll be there till Tuesday, and I'm so excited! I'm excited to see all my friends who are on staff on other campuses and also to get great training and development from so many wise people. Not to mention we have so much FUN! It will definitely be interesting having not one but two children under the age of two there this year. I had to laugh thinking back to last year and this post I did right before we left for AST talking about how stressed I was thinking about taking Landon. He did great last year and I'm sure this year will be even better. He's probably going to think childcare is AWESOME getting to play with the other staff kids and do fun things. I'll probably just wind up keeping Layla with me in all the sessions instead of putting her in the childcare room. My good friend Krista who's on staff at OU had a little boy just 3 weeks after I had Layla, so we'll probably kick it in the back of the room together.
I also had to laugh because my friend Alissa will be taking her daughter, Hannah, who will be exactly the same age Landon was last year, to AST, and she texted me today saying she was stressed about it, so I sent her the link to my old blog post to assure her that she wasn't crazy or overreacting =)
Anyway, we'll be gone until Tuesday. Then we'll sleep at home for exactly 3 nights before we travel to Kansas City again because one of the guys on our staff team is getting married there next weekend. So we'll get home that Sunday and have exactly 7 days at home before we leave for Kaleo, our summer project in Gulf Shores for 7 weeks. That means we essentially have like, 11 days at home left before we leave for Kaleo. *insert panic here* Actually, I seriously am panicking because before counting that up to type in this blog post I hadn't realized that's all the time we have left. Whoa. Send in the reinforcements!!
 In all of our travels, I'm hoping Landon does a lot of this in the car:
Riding home last weekend
Thankfully, we do have a DVD player for the car that hooks to the back of the chair (thanks for the early birthday present, Grandpa & Grandma!) so he can watch movies, and I'm going to try to come up with some "toddler activities" that Landon can actually do, but I'm anticipating a lot of loudness from Landon in the car. I'm also anticipating needing a lot of coffee.
Speaking of coffee, look at this beauty that Kyle brought to me today
He had a card for a free drink at Starbucks, and every time he gets one he uses it on me because he's such an incredible husband. And because he usually prefers drinking plain coffee and I get really excited about the froo-froo expensive drinks. That's an iced coffee with white chocolate (my fav cold drink) and notice the ginormous size. Kyle asked for the biggest size they had (free!) and the barista pulls out this cup size that isn't even on the menu. Say hello to the Trenta size, even bigger than Venti. Who even knew this size existed?!?! I took the picture of the cup next to a normal sized coffee cup just to show comparison. And yes, I'm ashamed to say I drank the whole thing. I'm going to be very awake and productive to pack the rest of the day.
Moving on.
No post is complete without adorable pics of my adorable kiddos.
 Yesterday I wanted to try taking pictures of the two of them together again so I laid Landon down next to Layla. It was SO cute because he just looked at her the whole time and was talking to her in his quiet little voice. Melt my heart. I wish I could have known what he was saying to her.
Unfortunately he also wanted to touch her face the whole time, and specifically her eyes
 So mostly Layla just cried the whole time and then I had to end the sibling photo shoot before Layla lost an eye.

And here are just a few of the thousand pictures I've taken of Layla today because she's just so darn cute looking today!

End of random thoughts post that only slightly had to do with the post title.


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Yay Tulsa! I hope you guys have a great visit! Where do you stay in Tulsa?


Tatiana said...

I hope you have a blast with all your travels girl! You guys are so brave taking the kiddos!
And yes, starbucks is a nice treat even though it sucks my bank account dry.
Love the pics of the two of them together. They are so darn adorable!

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