Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kaleo Kraze

Well I got in trouble with my mom for leaving the post about Mexican Lasagna up for too long and not putting up new pictures of Landon & Layla. So sorry.

All the students arrived this past Tuesday so Kaleo is officially in full swing! Friday night we had our first social, Kaleo Kraze. Each one of the groups is given a theme that they're supposed to dress up as - a guys group and a girls group each had the same theme, so when they got to the beach they had to find their look alike group and the guys groups planned some activities for them all to do together. The best part is, the students go ALL OUT with their costumes. Let's just say we get a lot of weird looks from the other "normal" people at the beach. Here are some of the different groups:
The "Kiss" group. They even talked in British accents the whole night

The Preppy Group


Team Neon


The Olympians doing their stretch routine
There were LOTS of other groups but I didn't get pictures of all of them before it started getting too dark.
The staff dressed up like The Kentucky Derby
Even Layla wore a big hat! One of the staff guys went dressed as a horse, but again, I didn't get a picture of that one. 
Landon had a great time hanging out with the students
With Hannah - dressed as a nerd
And of course he was excited to be back on the beach

Isn't that cute?
We've been having a great time getting to hang out with the students - we love Kaleo because we get to live so much life on life with students. I'm excited that Landon & Layla get to grow up around so many college students who are passionately pursuing their relationships with Christ!

Don't worry, I'll do another post tomorrow of pictures of all the other fun things we've been doing in Gulf Shores, which means lots of cute pics of Landon & Layla (happy Mom?)

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Courtney said...

That is the CUTEST idea! I love Team Neon, seriously so jealous of your job. You guys have so much fun and it will reap SO much for these college kids.

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