Thursday, May 3, 2012

Layla - Two Months

As of yesterday, my Little Love is officially two months old! Time continues to just fly on by and my sweet baby girl grows bigger by the day! At her check up today she weighed in at 11 lbs 15 oz (78th percentile) and was 23.25 inches long (82nd percentile). Way to grow girl! I actually think she may be a tiny bit longer than that because her head was a little tilted when the nurse marked the paper to measure, but probably not a significant difference. At two months Landon was 13 lbs (76th percentile) and was 23.25 inches long (66th percentile).
Layla was in an extremely cooperative picture-taking mood yesterday for her two month photo shoot, so you're going to get to see lots of her pictures (I promise I did actually narrow it down by a few!)

 As you can see, Layla is a very smiley girl. Especially right after she eats before she takes naps, she'll give you all sorts of pretty smiles if you talk to her. She loves to have your attention and just lights up whenever she's being held and talked to.
 Layla's legs are also starting to get stronger. She likes to have us hold her under her arms so she can practice standing up on our laps. A lot of times when she does this she makes the most hilarious face - her eyes get really big and almost crossed and her mouth makes a little "o" shape and she just stares at you like she's being so intent. I have yet to get a picture of it but I need to keep trying because it's sooooo funny and hard to explain without just seeing it!
 She is still a very fast and efficient eater, which is awesome because usually she can be fed & diaper changed in less than 15 minutes. She's still mostly on a 3 hour feeding schedule, although she still frequently wants to eat after only 2 1/2 hours during the day, but since she's sleeping well at night I'm not really fighting her on it.

Speaking of sleeping, Layla has been awesome at it. Her normal pattern the past couple of weeks has been to eat at around 8:30, sleep for 5-6 hours, wake up to eat, and then sleep for another 4ish hours. In my last post I mentioned that she slept for 12 hours straight the night we got back home after being in Tulsa. Well last night she did it again - ate at 8:15 p.m. and didn't wake up till 8:15 this morning. *be still my heart* I'm not banking on this becoming an every night occurrence just yet, but I'm realllllllly hoping she decides to make this a habit. Regardless of whether it continues, getting two nights of solid sleep in a row has made me feel like a whole new woman. 
She still is not the greatest napper in the world though. Usually she takes one or two really good, solid naps a day for 1 1/2-2 hours, and the rest of her naps are only like 45 minutes. But I'll take sleeping at night over taking good naps. And she sure is a CUTE napper!
She still takes all her naps in either her bouncy seat or her swing. Someday we'll try napping in her crib...although Landon didn't start napping in his crib till he was 4+ months old (I take full fault for this fact)
Crumpled over in the swing
Layla is starting to "talk" a lot more when she's awake and just generally be more alert. 

She really likes to look at contrasting blocks of color - actually she REALLY likes looking at big black and white contrasts. She also likes staring at this book:
It's a nice way to keep her occupied while she's laying on the floor. Because she does NOT like being left alone on the floor. This little Diva likes attention! And we like to give it to her =)

And in new tradition's form, the side by side pic of Landon & Layla at two months:
You can definitely tell they're siblings! I think their smiles look kind of similar. Although Layla isn't as chubby as Landon was (I'm glad for that).  Also, looking through Landon's 2 month pictures I realized I've gotten exponentially better at taking "monthly" pictures and propping Layla up well. Landon's two month pictures were pretty sad looking. Sorry bout that Punkin'.

Happy Two Months my Little Beauty! We sure love you!

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Courtney said...

Ahhhhh!!!! Cute, cute, cute! I can't believe she is already 2 months old! They change so much from month to month!

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