Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Made It...Alive!

2 adults, 2 children under the age of two, 18 hour drive, 3 days, 1 minivan.
Well folks, we survived the longest road trip ever. We made it to Gulf Shores, and we're all still alive (and not too worse for the wear).
We left on Monday and drove to a suburb of St. Louis to stay with my cousin Matthew & his wife Laura. They just had a little boy named Bennett exactly 2 months after Layla was born! Unfortunately I left my camera in the car and we only took one picture right before we left on Kyle's phone of Layla & Bennett together, and it turned out blurry, so no pictures to document the event. Sorry!
Then Tuesday we drove to Jackson, Mississippi and stayed at a hotel. That night Landon was soooo happy to be out of the car:

Finally yesterday afternoon we arrived in sunny Gulf Shores, and not a second too soon, because Landon & Layla were VERY ready to be done road tripping. Which meant Kyle and I were VERY ready to be done road tripping.
I'm being slightly dramatic - Landon & Layla actually did incredible given the circumstances. We tried lots of activities to keep Landon occupied.
Pipe Cleaners & a Colander



The best bet was letting Landon watch movies on our car DVD player. Before we left my mom and I went to WalMart and we saw Gnomeo & Juliet, so she bought it for us anticipating that perhaps a return of Gnomeo would occupy Landon in the car. It definitely worked - he probably watched it 4 or 5 times total. We bought him a pair of kids headphones that automatically lower the volume in the hopes that we could listen to Tommy Nelson's Church History messages Kyle downloaded or the radio. But Landon would only leave them on for about 10 minutes at a time so we still listened to the movie quite a bit. Oh well, it was worth it keeping him happy! 
He also had lots of snacks and lots of milk and juice. When in doubt, feed Landon! Thankfully he also did a decent amount of this:
Layla also spent the majority of her time sleeping
She actually did great and all three days we were able to only stop once because she stretched out her feedings by so much. Good job Layla!!
Needless to say though, we're SO glad to be here in Gulf Shores and off the road! Unfortunately this year we don't get to stay at the same hotel that all the students live in because we needed to open up another room for students =(  But we can't move into our condo until tomorrow so we've been staying at the hotel the past couple of days, which means we haven't unpacked all of our stuff yet, but it's working out fine! This morning I gave Landon a bath to get rid of all the road trip grime.
That wound up not mattering very much though when all our staff went to Tacky Jacks for lunch and Landon played in the sand

I have a feeling there are a lot of baths in our future this summer.
Layla even took a bath in the sink (her little bath tub deal is buried in the van)
She loved it!

Since we got here Layla has done lots of looking cute.

 She's also enjoyed watching HGTV =)  Actually it did keep her occupied while I could get ready after showering this morning!

We're excited to get to our condo tomorrow and be able to really settle in. More than anything we're excited for students to get here and get Kaleo 2012 kicked off! More to come soon!!

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Courtney said...

Hooray for safe travels!! I'm glad you guys are there and can relax for a little while before things get crazy again. Your life is SO busy right now, I'm exhausted just reading about it!

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