Monday, June 11, 2012

Gulf Shores Visit

The past several days we've had some visitors in Gulf Shores - Kyle's parents came to visit! Despite the fact that they came during the craziest storms (non-tropical storm) and it rained 3 of the 5 days they were here, we had a great time! Thursday morning it wasn't raining yet so we took Landon & Layla to the Gulf Coast Zoo.
 We saw lions...

And tigers...
 And goats!
Actually, the goats/sheep were Landon's favorite part because we bought a cup of little food pellets that you can feed them.
You'd think that he would initially be a little hesitant to just stick his fingers out for the goats to bite, but he was fearless and held the food out for them right away (well, after we stopped him from trying to eat it himself). He was delighted by the whole process. And there was plenty of food leftover so we can use it on our next zoo visit!
Landon's other favorite animals to look at were the birds and the baby ducks.

My favorite animal to watch was the baby tiger.
You can actually pay $50 to go in and play with the baby tigers, which would be awesome, but we passed on that one.
Layla pretty much slept the whole time in the stroller, despite the fact that she was probably baking since it was SO hot out.

We spent lots of time inside playing games and watching movies since it was monsooning outside (yes, monsoon can absolutely be used as a verb).

After a full day of rain on Saturday there was a short break in the storm so we took Papa & Nana to one of our FAVORITE local restaurants, Bahama Bobs. They have a Bahama Bob Burger with bacon, swiss cheese, and grilled pineapple that is just to die for. It also happens to sit right on the beach so you can watch the ocean while you eat. We couldn't resist walking down to the beach after dinner.

Landon was loving life running around on the beach and letting the water touch his feet. We also took the opportunity to get some family photos.

It rained all day again on Sunday, but we decided to go out in the rain anyway to go to one of our other favorite local spots, LuLu's. It's basically the tourist place in Gulf Shores that you HAVE to go to in order to have the true Gulf Shores experience. 
Unfortunately it was raining so we didn't get to enjoy the fun atmosphere, but the food was still great. Then Kyle drove his parents over to Pensacola to fly out REALLY early this morning. We had such a fun time!

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